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'Tis mah gallery. You know what it looks like? A gallery. :D

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:bulletyellow:INFO ON FULL PICTURE COMMISSIONS::bulletyellow:

:bulletpurple: 30:points: for a lined shaded picture and background.
:bulletpink: 5 :points: per character.
:bulletpurple: I draw domestic cats, dogs/wolves, and humans.
:bulletpink: NO sexual themes or kissing. (I can't draw kissing well. ^^;)

:bulletblue:FILL OUT LIKE THIS IN A NOTE::bulletblue:
Hair/fur color & designs:
Eye color(s):
Or give me a link to a reference picture (preferred)
Title for Picture: (optional)


:CO: Naomy and Jones by Catatouille101:CO: Miami and Odell by Catatouille101
:CO: Nighty and Boyfriend by Catatouille101:CO: Mistheart and Blazewhisker by Catatouille101


:bulletyellow:INFO ON CHIBI COMMISSIONS::bulletyellow:

:bulletpurple: 10:points: for a chibi.
:bulletpink: 5:points: per character.
:bulletpurple: Up to four characters per picture.
:bulletpink: Chibis will have transparent backgrounds.
:bulletpurple: I only draw humans for chibis.
:bulletpink: No complex poses for chibis. Chibis are drawn sitting, standing, etc.

:bulletblue:FILL OUT LIKE THIS IN A NOTE::bulletblue:
Hair color(s):
Eye color(s):
Or give me a link to a reference picture (preferred)
Pose(s) (remember, no complex poses):
Title for picture (optional):


~Kogan~ by Catatouille101 Frodo and Sam - Chibis by Catatouille101
Agent Jones and Sergeant Katie by Catatouille101 :CO: Erica and Alexis by Catatouille101


:bulletgreen:SLOTS OPEN::bulletgreen:

I only draw three pictures at a time, so once three slots are filled, point commissions go on hold.


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LOTR 30 Day Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 10:39 AM
I do memes when I'm bored.

Day 1 - Favorite hobbit : Sam. No, Frodo. No, Sam. No, Frodo. No, Sam. I CAN'T DO THIS UGH

Day 2 - Favorite location : Either the Shire or Rivendell. They're both beautiful. <3

Day 3 - Least favorite location : Well, I wouldn't want to be in Mordor...


Day 5 - Favorite weapon : Bow and arrow. I mean, have you freaking seen Legolas work that thing?

Day 6 - Favorite song (soundtrack or performed onscreen) : Pippin's song, The Edge of Night. :cries:

Day 7 - Film you've seen the most times : The Two Towers.

Day 8 - Best use of magic or supernatural gifts : Definitely Sam's use of the Elven rope when he fails to tie a knot. :giggle:

Day 9 - Favorite member of the fellowship : Gaaaah I can't just pick one! ALL OF THE HOBBITS.

Day 10 - Favorite man : Faramir~ :heart:

Day 11 - Favorite horse : Brego, Aragorn's horse. HASHTAG FEEEEEEEELS

Day 12 - Favorite scene in Elvish : I think any scene spoken in Elvish is awesome. Tolkien created a whole language!! That's pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Day 13 - Least favorite sound/sound-effect : Sam crying, ugh my feels :cries: But in all seriousness, probably like an orc noise or something. They ugly.

Day 14 - A scene that always makes you laugh : After Saruman's defeat in Isengard when Merry is SUBTLY making sure he is taller than Pippin. :rofl:


Day 15 - The spiffiest dresser : I usually like Eowyn's outfits!

Day 16 - The ugliest orc or uruk : I can't think of his name, but he's that one that tries to eat Merry and Pippin, and he's like "what about their legs? They don't need those." Yeah, he's pretty weird.

Day 17 -  A scene that makes you cringe (disgust, fear, cheesiness, whatever) : Any part with Shelob in it. Ugghhhhhhh I can't deal with spiders. x_x

Day 18 - Best fight sequence : Helm's Deep, baby!

Day 19 - Worst fight sequence : Wha? There is no "worst" anything in LOTR.

Day 20 - If you were from Middle Earth, where would you live ? The Shire, no questions asked. Can I please just live there now?

Day 21 - Best death scene : Denethor. Yeah, you deserve it, you ungrateful bastard. xP

Day 22 - Worst death scene : Theoden, ohmygawd. I cry every time. :cries:

Day 23 - Worst decision by one of the characters : FRODO LEAVING THE DAMN SHIRE. LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU CAN'T LEAVE YOUR SAHM.

Day 24 - Saddest casualty and/or collateral damage : I don't know. D:

Day 25 - Favorite overall character : Ugh... so haaaaard. Probably Sam, though, if I HAVE to pick. I just love him to death.

Day 26 - Character you wish had been featured in the movies : Tom Bombadil. I'd like to see how they interpreted him.

Day 27 - Re-edit the movies: what scene would not make the cut ? : I guess if I'm being forced to pick, maybe a scene between Aragorn and Arwen. They kinda bore me, honestly. :P

Day 28 - A scene that always makes you cry : There's a whole freaking list.
-Sam's speech in The Two Towers.
-"Go home, Sam."
-Theoden's death.
-When Pippin finds Merry after the battle and thinks he's dead.
-When Sam carries Frodo up Mount Doom.
-Frodo waking up in Rivendell after the Ring is destroyed and he sees Sam.
-When Aragorn says "My friends, you bow to no one."

And probably a crap-load more that I'm forgetting. xD

Day 29 - Whatever tickles your fancy – your chance to add anything this list may have missed : SAM LOVES FRODO. JUST SAYIN'.

Day 30 - Favorite line or scene from the trilogy : "I can't carry it for you. But I can carry you." -Sam :heart:

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  • Listening to: Beautiful - Damien Leith
  • Reading: The Hobbit


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Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Daily... by prosaix

Bonjour, mes amies! My name’s Katie, but online, I prefer to be called Cat. :meow:

Y’know, because of my username? Heheh. Heh. //isawkward

I’m basically just an ordinary American teenage girl who’s obsessed with writing, drawing, and Blakota (my OC OTP <3). I do color guard, which are the flags in marching band. Because who doesn't like spinning pretty flags and flipping around rifles? You may also know me as the author of the online series, The Thunder Cats. So if you’re a fan of the series and you were searching for me on deviantART… here I am. Hello, dear fan. :D

A good portion of my gallery is made up of cats. Partially because I’ve been drawing them since I was five years old, and also because they’re fluffy and adorable. Lately, however, I’ve been uploading drawings of my OCs from my offline series, Dakota’s Life, which is mainly stuff I scan off my crappy scanner from my drawing book. I usually prefer drawing on the computer, though. And get this? I use a mouse and not a tablet! Yes, we still exist. (;

Well, since you’re here, please take a stroll around my gallery! I always try to respond to any comments or questions you post. :)

1. Please do NOT ask me for points. If I want to donate to you it's my decision.
2. Do NOT steal my art. If I find out you have stolen my art without giving me full credit, I will report you. If you want to use my artwork for something, please get my permission first.
3. I do NOT take requests. Requests only come around when there is a special occasion. Please look at my status for art trades, commissions, etc. if you want a drawing from me.
4. NO use of my OCs without giving me full credit. Feel free to draw my characters whenever you like, as long as you give me credit.
5. If you draw my OCs, do NOT draw them in anything inappropriate or insulting.
6. If you are drawing one of my OCs once (ex: fan art), you do not need my permission to draw them. However, if you are planning on drawing them multiple times in a series, please get my permission first.

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